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  ''....Villa Drakothea is a five -star, private property in a beautiful, secluded location that offers amazing views to the Aegean Sea and the islands with an exquisite interior design that has been featured in many architectural and  life - style magazines around the world... A breathtaking, dream - like, luxurious and romantic villa to call home during your vacations...''                   House Beautiful
''...Majestic and breathtaking location meets unique architecture  and captures the essence of Mykonian life style....''    The Guardian
   ''... Eco - chic Natural hide away with glorious views  and impeccable personalized concierge service , where Traditional Cycladic Design blends naturally with Contemporary Luxury, this gem of a resort embraces the true meaning of Natural Beauty...''                                                                                                                          Town&Country                                                                                                                     
villa Drakothea,where elegance and luxury meet leisure and relaxation
''.....Bordée par un muret de pierre sèche, la piscine surplombe le paysage sauvage....Blanc immaculé de la façade et pierres apparentes, donnent au lieu un charme irrésistible.....''       Maison Francaise
''..La struttura architettonica dell’edificio si inserisce perfettamente nello scenario naturale che lo circonda e rispetta l’andamento collinare del terreno, nonché la presenza di grandi formazioni rocciose naturali...''          Ristrutturare la Casa
Panoramic Uninterrupted Views of The Aegean Sea and many Islands
Unmatched Personalized Service to Handle Every Detail of Your Stay
Unique Style meets Nature at its Best in an Atmosphere of Peace and Pleasure
Total Privacy in an Amazing Setting allows you to soak up Stunning Views and enjoy Sublime Relaxation
Plenty Of Space for Family or groups of Friends complemented with the services and facilities of a great resort
Plan Your Landmark Celebration ( Birthdays , Weddings, Anniversaries ) in this FairyTale-like setting
Privileged Access to World-Class Amenities
...''Berge & Meer , drinnen & draussen : Urlaub perfekt......''           Schoner Wohnen
A Luxurious LifeStyle Destination , a Mykonos villa rental like no other
  Sleeps 12  (5 bedrooms - 6 bathrooms)
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Villa Drakothea
A unique 5 Bedroom / 6 bathroom luxurious villa in Mykonos, Greece
Villa Drakothea
Villa Drakothea
A Luxurious LifeStyle Destination
@ Villa Drakothea  All Rights Reserved
''...A World - Class Property offering Stunning Panoramic Views coupled with Absolute Privacy...''    Architectural Digest Italy
A unique property , A personal Escape to Stunning....